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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?
Step 1) Pick your menu yourself, or simply use the one we suggest each week (Yes, groceries/ingredient-list is automatically included in the menu) Step 2) You pick up your groceries before the chef arrives (Or, Easy Platter can shop for you for an extra $29.99) Step 3) Chef comes to your home and prepares your meals
How do I select what meals I want to eat?
To add a recipe, you can click the "+" button on the bottom right of the recipe card, or click on "add to menu" on the recipe details page. You can filter recipes based on cuisines, diets, meals and chef pics from the huge range of our recipes
How much time would a cook take to prepare 9 meals?
Average time to prepare up to 9 meals (3 recipes that serve 3 people) is between 2 to 2.5 hours.
Meals I want cannot be prepared within 2-3 hours.
No problem, in an exception where your cook tells you ahead of time that your meal prep would take longer than 3 hours, you simply pay an hourly fee of $29.99 on your subscription.
My kitchen and pots are dirty, will my cook clean my dishes before s/he starts cooking?
Your personal cooks only clean dishes, utensils and the kitchen area that they use. They do not clean your kitchen or any dishes that were dirty prior to their arrival.
Do the chefs bring utensils, any equipment or storage containers?
No, your chef does not bring cooking equipment, utensils or containers. Here's a list of some common frequent kitchen items, along with the link to purchase them from Amazon. https://easyplatter.com/kitchenitems
Does one meal serve one? Are there enough left overs for me to eat the following day?
Correct, one meal serves one adult, but you can always ask your cook to make a bit extra so that you can eat that meal the following day for lunch. We don’t charge you extra for some left over meals.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, Easy Platter subscription can be cancelled for FREE, if cancelled 48 hours ahead of the scheduled booking.
I have booked my chef but I have to cancel. Am I going to be charged?
Full refund is provided for cancellations done with at least a 48 hour notice from the scheduled meal prep service. Any cancellations done between 48-24 hours of scheduled meal prep service, 50% of the order amount will be refunded as Easy Platter credit. No refund would be provided for cancellations done with less than 24 hours notice.
I want to try new cuisines, can I change my chef?
Yes, Easy Platter has a wide variety of cooks who specialize in different cuisines. You can change your cuisine and your cook at any time for FREE!
How do the groceries work?
Your weekly menu includes a detailed ingredient list. You can use the menu to pick-up groceries anytime before the chef arrives. Alternatively, we can get the groceries to you before the chef arrives for an extra fee of $29.99 + taxes Your grocery invoice is exactly what stores charge, we don’t charge any premium on what the grocery stores charge.
Do I have to be home when my cook is cooking?
You do not have to be at home for your meal prep to be done, but we encourage that you are available to meet your chef the first time they come for your meal prep. If you aren’t available at home, please provide instructions on how to access your apartment/home and leave the ingredients and cooking equipment for them.
Can I request my chef to prepare meals from what I have in the kitchen?
Yes! You can ask your chef to get creative and prepare a meal with the ingredients you have in your kitchen. You can also search the ingredient you have at home and add recipes to your menu. This gives you chef an idea about the cuisine you prefer to be cooked using the ingredients you have.
Does the chef serve the food or plate my meals?
No, your chef does not serve the meals or plate the meals. After the food is cooked/prepped, your chef would store tho meals in containers/tupperware provided by you.